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The Fusion X is a premium frame designed for serious XClass racing.  Its duel 4mm plates, aluminum arm clamps, and octagonal arms make it one of the stiffest and most durable frames available.  It's a difference you can feel in the air and see in your tune.


  • Motor to Motor Distance:  800mm - 1050mm
  • Dry Weight:  1014 grams
  • Motor Mounting:  M4 x 30mm
  • Prop Size:  12"-13"

Recommended Components:

A PDB that can handle serious amps should be the very first thing to consider.  The Advanced Power Drives (APD) would be the king of XClass PDBs.   It can handle up to 500 amps of continuous draw.  Matek has also released its own XClass PDB at a much lower price.  According to its specs it can handle up to 280 amp of continuous power and 440 amp burst.

The APD 120 amp ESC would also be the king of XClass ESCs.  It would be the top dog for pulling some serious power, especially if you plan on running a 12s setup.  The APD 100 amp ESC would also be my choice for running a 6s-8s setup.  

As far as motors, batteries, and props go, you will have to decide.  Visit the XClass Racing Group on Facebook for some guidance:


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